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The Louvre Museum, which is responsible for processing your personal data, may collect, use, transfer, store or otherwise process it to improve its relations with its patrons.

More specifically, the data in this form will be processed by the Musée du Louvre in accordance with its legitimate interest in encouraging donations, regarding both private and corporate sponsorship and, in particular, in order to carry out the following operations:

- sending information and requests;
- donation tracking;
- preparing and sending tax receipts;
- statistical studies.

The data recorded will be used by the Multimedia Division, the Sponsors Division, the Customer Loyalty Division, the Audience Development Division, and the Accounting Agency of the Musée du Louvre and may be sent to its subcontracted service providers: iRaiser, Clasis and Ediiscan for processing donations and issuing tax receipts, E-Deal for managing customer relations and Dolist for sending newsletters. Personal data collected this way will be kept for a period of 3 years from the last incoming contact on your part.

In accordance with the amended French data privacy law of January 6, 1978, and the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 dated April 27, 2016, you have the right to access, amend, correct, remove, contest, and transfer data concerning you. You can therefore request that information concerning you that is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or outdated be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted. You can also exercise your right to oppose and limit the processing of your data as well as your right to transfer information concerning you.

If you wish to exercise this right, you can send a letter to our editorial staff (see address above). You also have a right of appeal to a national supervisory authority such as the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL) in the event of a breach of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

Intellectual property and cultural public sector information

1) The general structure of the website, as well as the software and databases, are the exclusive property of the Musée du Louvre. Any reproduction, representation, in whole or in part, use, adaptation, provision or modification by any process, any person and any means whatsoever (particularly sales, marketing, rental, etc.) without the express authorization of the museum, any authors or rightholders is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the French Intellectual Property Code.

2) The scientific, cultural and educational content (including, but not limited to, texts and audio recordings, audiovisual and multimedia documents) as well as the iconographic and photographic reproductions of works presented on the site with a signature or a © are protected under intellectual property law.

Of the cultural public sector information provided, only the photographs and texts that meet the conditions outlined below can be re-used under Article 11 of French law no. 78-753 dated 17 July 1978:

Photographs credited © Musée du Louvre / [etc.] are the exclusive property of the Musée du Louvre and are used by the Musée du Louvre with the permission of their authors or rightsholders. Photographs credited © RMN, Musée du Louvre / [etc.] are the property of the RMN. Non-commercial re-use is authorized, provided the source and author are acknowledged.

For any commercial and/or editorial re-use of an image from the collections of the Musée du Louvre, the Palace, the Domaine National du Louvre et des Tuileries, the Musée Delacroix or from the staging of exhibitions and other cultural events organized by the Musée du Louvre, please contact the photography agency Réunion des Musées nationaux et du Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées (Rmn-Gp).

3)  The trademarks of the Musée du Louvre and its partners, as well as the logos shown on the site, are filed and registered with the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property) and are, as such, protected by industrial property law.

Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of these trademarks and/or logos made from elements of the website without the express permission of their owners is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Administrative public sector information

The informative and programming content on this website is administrative public sector information under Article 10 of French law no. 78-753 dated 17 July 1978. This information may be re-used, provided it is not altered, its meaning is not distorted, and mention is made of its sources and the date of its last update.

Rights to the administrative public sector information are not transferred to the re-user. The re-user benefits from a personal and non-exclusive right to re-use the administrative public sector information.

Any person re-using public sector information in violation of the abovementioned provisions is liable to a fine by the Commission on Access to Administrative Documents (CADA in French), an independent body responsible for ensuring the freedom of access to administrative documents.


The user is informed that, when visiting the site, a cookie may be automatically installed within his or her browser software. A cookie is a block of data that does not allow users to be identified, but serves only to record information on how they navigate the website.
The settings of the browser software can be set so as to indicate the presence of a cookie and even to refuse it, using the method described at the following address:
Under the conditions indicated above, the user has the right to access, withdraw and modify the personal data provided by means of the cookie.
Hypertext links
The Musée du Louvre website authorizes the use of hypertext links to its content as long as it does not lead to confusion as to the source of the services and/or content produced and/or held by the Musée du Louvre and provided that:

- deep linking is not used, i.e. pages from the Musée du Louvre website must not be embedded within pages on another site, but should be accessible with the opening of a new window.
- the source is mentioned when a hypertext link leads directly to the content.
- the information is used only for personal, associative or professional reasons; all use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.

Warning! This authorization does not apply to websites containing controversial, pornographic or xenophobic content or any other content that may, to a greater extent, be deemed offensive to the general public; or to websites that interfere with the material and moral interests of the Musée du Louvre.
For any other use, please write to us at the address above or send an e-mail to


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